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Years ago on a radio program someone shared that they read a chapter in Proverbs every day. Since there are 31 chapters and the longest month has 31 days it allows you to read through Proverbs on a regular basis. I use it as the launch pad for my personal worship time and branch out from there. On this blog I will try to share some of the insights I have in the Word. I will try to organize them in the archive by reference.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

At Least the Rain Stops

(Proverbs 19:13 KJV)  A foolish son is the calamity of his father: and the contentions of a wife are a continual dropping.

What can you do about a “continual” (constant NASB) (2956) “dropping” (dripping NASB) (1812)?  Think of the possible sources:  A leak in the roof, a runny nose, the Japanese water torture.  Some can be fixed, like the roof.  Torture might just be something you must endure.  Here the source of the irritation is a nagging wife.  How do you deal with her?  If you have a nagging husband, how does she deal with you?

There are certain solutions that I assume are not acceptable such as a club.  While there are times when violence is necessary, nagging is not one of them.  Withdrawal is suggested in other places but how do you do that when you live in the same house?  I guess the final word is again the love chapter and the gifts of the Spirit.  We are given patience and we are to avoid keeping a list of offenses.  We are not to be provoked.

So?  It is not as easy as it might sound, and I know that.  This is an area where practice and mediating on the meaning of love are so important.  Either way, nagging is nagging.  We may not be able to stop the nagger, but we can work on not being one. 

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