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Years ago on a radio program someone shared that they read a chapter in Proverbs every day. Since there are 31 chapters and the longest month has 31 days it allows you to read through Proverbs on a regular basis. I use it as the launch pad for my personal worship time and branch out from there. On this blog I will try to share some of the insights I have in the Word. I will try to organize them in the archive by reference.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Go to Grad School

(Proverbs 21:22 KJV)  A wise man scaleth the city of the mighty, and casteth down the strength of the confidence thereof.

It seems like Christians have abandoned the market place and the city square.  I think it was Alistair Begg who said that he could not think of any verbal Christian in the mass media.  Where once the people involved in the cutting edge science and academics of the day were believers, now we seem to avoid involvement.  That is wrong. 

We should be taking the wisdom we have and vigorously applying it to the world around us.  There might be some areas where Christians would be on both sides, such as a cure for cancer or the best way to get to Mars.  That is not a problem.  What is missing from the debate is how the knowledge is applied.  Our technology is advancing double time while our ethical application is in reverse.

So?  We need to change that.  Young people need to assault the halls of learning but they need to do it with their foundations already established.  If we don’t have the fear of the Lord already rooted they will chew us up and spit us out.

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