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Years ago on a radio program someone shared that they read a chapter in Proverbs every day. Since there are 31 chapters and the longest month has 31 days it allows you to read through Proverbs on a regular basis. I use it as the launch pad for my personal worship time and branch out from there. On this blog I will try to share some of the insights I have in the Word. I will try to organize them in the archive by reference.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Portion Control

(Proverbs 30:8 KJV)  Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me:

What a tremendous prayer:  to desire only our “portion” (2706).  This is from the NASB.
 )Proverbs 30:8 NASB)   Keep deception and lies far from me, Give me neither poverty nor riches; Feed me with the food that is my portion,
Translators fascinate me.  At this spot the KJV uses the word “convenient.”  Why?  It looks like a case of the language changing.  For us today convenient means what is ready at hand, easy to access but that is not the historic meaning.  As recently as the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary it is defined, “ Fit; suitable; proper; adapted to use or to wants; commodious...”  In a word “portion.”

The word has a feel of what we would call a ration.  During times of food shortage resources are sometimes rationed.  Everyone has an assigned amount each day and that is there portion.  We need to learn to be satisfied with our rations.

We are used to living beyond plenty.  We eat too much.  Our closets are full of clothes that will never wear out.  Our garages are a buffet of past greed.  Yet we want more.  We still shop and buy. 

So?  Recognize the call to spiritual sanity.  Today let’s all consciously decide not to buy something or eat something.  Ask yourself what the portion is that God has allotted not what the TV tells you is deserved.

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